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Chronological Guide To Bronze Age X-Men Crossovers

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This is a chronological list of Bronze Age X-Men crossovers. This list is not complete, nor is it meant to be. These are all books that are part of my collection. As I acquire more books I'll add them to the list. Some of these comics have appearances of the entire X-Men team while others may only have appearances by one or two members. I'll be adding notes for each book, as time allows, detailing who specifically is in each issue.

This is the sister site of the original Chronological Guide To Silver Age X-Men Crossovers. While not as comprehensive, I hope that it will be as informative. The last nine comics listed on the Silver Age site could technicly be included on this site, but they feature the Silver Age team, not the Bronze Age team, and I see no point in duplicating my work by posting them here.

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A Little History

X-Men – The Missing Years

By Brian Rempel 06/05/03

In December of 1970 the X-Men were on their way out. In that month Marvel published X-Men #67, a reprint of the now classic X-Men #12 and 13 (1st Juggernaut appearance). The title hadn’t been selling very well for a few years. As a matter of fact issue #66 (the last non-reprint issue) was already eight months old when #67 was published. Even the great Neal Adams wasn’t able to bring in the sinking ship that was the X-Men. While his run on X-Men #56 – 65 (except #64) is now considered some of his most classic work, it wasn’t enough at the time to keep the X-Men afloat.

The reprints lasted for four and a half years from issue #67 - 93. During that time various members of the team (either together or separately) would only make twenty-one appearances in the Marvel universe (in continuity).

In 1971 Iceman would be the only X-Man to appear in any title that year. Amazing Spider-Man #92 (dated January) was the last time we would see an X-Man for fourteen months!

The fourteen-month drought would finally end in March 1972 with Amazing Adventures #11 featuring The Beast and a cameo flashback of the X-Men. The following month would see appearances by both Havok and Polaris in Incredible Hulk #150. This was followed by three more issues of Amazing Adventures Beast stories (#12, 13 and 14). #12 featured the Beast with an X-Men cameo, but 13 and 14 were solo Beast stories.

Marvel Team-Up #4 (Sept. 1972) is the first time we have seen the full team together, sans Beast, in almost three years (thirty-three months)! Amazing Adventures #15 released in November of ’72 would see Angel team up with Beast as well as a minor X-Men team cameo. AA #16 (Jan. ’73) ended the run for Beast (#17 was an origin reprint issue). He wasn’t gone for long though. In March of ’73 he continued the story arc from AA #16 into Incredible Hulk #161.

April of ’73 was a good month for the team. It was then that they made their first cover appearance in almost three and a half years in Avengers #110 (classic Magneto, Avengers, X-Men cover). That story continued in Avengers #111.

Nine months would go by with no sign of the X-Men until Marvel Girl, Cyclops and Professor X made an appearance in February 1974’s issue of Incredible Hulk #172.

April of 1974 would see the beginning of the now classic “The Secret Empire” story arc in issues #172 – 175 of Captain America. Issue 175 mentions a “delayed X-Men project” in the letter column. I’m assuming this is in reference to Giant Size X-Men #1.

Defenders #15 and 16 (Sept./Oct. ’74) would feature Professor X in a story line where Magneto is taken out of action and not seen again for two and a half years until X-Men #104 in April of ‘77. Professor X would appear one more time in Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 (Feb. ’75). Hot on the heels of this appearance was the release of the ground breaking Giant Size X-Men #1. This now classic publication would not only usher in a new team, but a new era in comics. We would soon see the X-Men breaking new ground and soaring to new heights ending their dry spell and the reprint run at issue #93. This new road was rocky and not without it’s close calls……..but that’s another story…..

October 1974

Incredible Hulk 180

While no one other then Wolverine appears in this book and it's only
in one panel, it is the first appearance of the most popular Bronze
Age X-men and arguably the most popular Marvel character ever.

December 1974

Incredible Hulk 182

Third appearance of Wolverine.

June 1975

Foom 10

X-Men goodness abounds!

October 1975

Marvel Team-Up 38

Beast appearance.

February 1976

Spidey Super Stories 15

This is the fifth appearance of Storm, tied with X-Men #97.

October 1976

Amazing Spider-Man 161

Nightcrawler appears throughout this issue with a brief appearance by
Wolverine and Colossus.

November 1976

Amazing Spider-Man 162

Nightcrawler is the only X-Man to appear in this issue.

December 1976

Marvel Team-Up Annual 1

This is the first crossover of the entire "new"(or Bronze Age) team.

January 1977

Marvel Team-Up 53

The entire team appears in this issue, including Banshee. This is also
John Byrne's first time drawing the X-Men.

February 1977

Iron Fist 11

Scott and Jean appear briefly in street cloths.

August 1977

Iron Man Annual 4

Iceman and Angel appear.

September 1977

Iron Fist 15

The entire team appears in this issue.

October 1977

Super-villain Team-Up 14

Beast appears as an Avenger, Iceman and Angel appear in the last panel
as Champions, entire team appears in one flashback panel.

April 1978

Spectacular Spider-Man 17

Angel appears in this issue with a brief appearance of Iceman.

May 1978

Marvel Team-Up 69

Havok and Polaris both appear with a brief appearance from Beast (as an Avenger).

June 1978

Marvel Team-Up 70

Havok is the only X-Man to appear in this issue.

August 1978

Defenders 62

Angel appears on the cover, but not in the book and Havok who isn't on the
cover is in the book, whatever.....

September 1978

Defenders 63

Havok appears.

December 1978

Incredible Hulk Annual 7

Angel and Iceman both team up with the Hulk to fight Master Mold (original Sentinel).

June 1979

Powerman & Iron Fist 57

Cyclops, Storm, Nighcrawler and Professor X appear.

January 1980

Marvel Team-Up 89

Nightcrawler teams up with Spider-Man in this issue.

February 1980

Marvel Team-Up 90

Beast appearance.

August 1980

Marvel Treasury Edition 26

Wolverine is featured in his first solo story (as an X-Men) in this
original six page adventure.

September? 1980

Marvel Treasury Edition 27

Angel is featured in an original five page story.

October 1980

Marvel Two-In-One 68

Angel teams up with Thing.

December 1980

Marvel Team-Up 100

Brief appearances by Storm, Wolverine, Colossus and Professor X in the
main story, with a backup story featuring Storm (and Black Panther).

March 1981

Dazzler 1

Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus, Kitty Pryde and Beast
(as an Avenger) all appear.

April 1981

Dazzler 2

Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Angel, Kitty Pryde, Professor X
and Beast (as an Avenger) all appear.

Rom 17

Rom numbers 17 & 18 are the only X-Men covers by Frank Miller that I'm
aware of and quite possibly the only time Miller ever drew the X-men.

Spider-Woman 37

The entire team appears on two pages.

May 1981

Rom 18

Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Colossus all appear.

Spider-Woman 38

Storm, Angel and Colossus appear.

June 1981

Marvel Two-In-One 76

Iceman is the only X-Man in this issue, but the entire Silver Age Team
appears in a single panel flashback.

Rom 19

Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Colossus all appear in
a two panel flashback (to issue 18).

July 1981

Avengers Annual 10

Avengers Annual 10 is the first appearance of Rogue.

Bizarre Adventures 27

Phoenix, Cyclops, Professor X, Iceman, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus
and Storm all appear to one degree or another in several different stories.

What If? 27

The Entire team appears in this alternate universe story.

September 1981

Avengers 211

Iceman, Angel and Beasst (as an Avenger) all appear in this issue.

October 1981

What If? 29

In addition to the cover, the entire team appears in two interior panels in
this alternate universe story.

November 1981

Fantastic Four 236

December 1981

Captain America 264

The entire Silver Age team appears in this bizarre flahsback sort of thing.

xxx 1982

Marvel Graphic Novel 5

The entire Bronze Age team appears in the classic Chris Clairmont story,
"God Loves, Man Kills".

January 1982

Micronauts 37

The entire team appears in the first couple of pages with Nightcrawler appearing throughout.

What If? 31

The entire team appears in this alternate universe story.

March 1982

Marvel Fanfare 1

X-Men Companion 1

May 1982

Fantastic Four Roast 1

Marvel Fanfare 2

Marvel And DC Presents X-Men Teen Titans 1

I dated this 5/82 because the cover art has that date. There is no month listed.

June 1982

Marvel Team-Up 117

Rom 31

July 1982

Dazzler 17

Marvel Fanfare 3

Marvel Team-Up 118

Rom 32

August 1982

Dazzler 18

Angel appears in three panels, one is during a "flashback".

September 1982

Dazzler 19

Angel is the only X-Man who appears.

Marvel Fanfare 4

Wolverine 1

October 1982

Dazzler 20

Angel is the only X-Man who appears.

Marvel Two-In-One Annual 7

Wolverine 2

November 1982

Dazzler 21

Angel and Beast appear.

Wolverine 3

December 1982

Dazzler 22

Incredible Hulk 278

Marvel Team-Up 124

Beast is the only X-Man in this issue.

Wolverine 4

January 1983

Dazzler 23

Rogue has a single panel cameo in the last panel.

Fantastic Four 250

The entire team appears through out the book.

Incredible Hulk 279

February 1983

Dazzler 24

Rogue and Angel appear.

Marvel Two-In-One 96

What If? 37

The entire team appears in this alternate universe story.

April 1983

Obnoxio The Clown 1

July 1983

Daredevil 196

Dazzler 27

Rogue and Angel appear.

August 1983

Dazzler 28

Rogue and Angel appear.

October 1983

X-Men At The State Fair of Texas (one-shot)

A nice full team appearance.

November 1983

Marvel Team-Up 135


April 1979

Comic Reader 167

The cover is the only apperance of the X-Men. The following comment is on the
inside front cover: "What are the X-Men doing in the old X-Men's costumes?
Existing as a figment of John Byrne's imagination."

October 1979

The Comics Journal 50

Chris Claremont interview

July - August 1980

Comics Feature 4

Great article titled "The Many Alternate Fates of the Phoenix" with a copy of the original last page for X-Men issue 137 in which, get this......Jean Grey lives!

Summer (no month given) 1980

The Comics Journal 57

John Byrne & Terry Austin cover with a John Byrne interview.

October 1980

Comics Feature 6

The cover of this book has some strange artifacts, it's not the scan, this is actually
how it looks. "The Silver Age of Comics" series continues in this issue with
a nice little section for the X-Men.

July 1981

The X-Men Chronicles

This fanzines features a checklist, interviews with X-Men creators, original cartoons
and a cover by Dave Cockrum. The indica states First in a series of publications
spotlighting popular comic series. Watch for issue number two
"The Fantastic Four Chronicles".

1982 (no month given)

Rocket's Blast Comics Collector 152

Part two of "The Mutant Handbook", part one was in issue 148 (I need a copy).

June 1982

Amazing Heroes 12

Paul Smith cover and interview.

September 1982

Marvel Guide to Collecting Comics 1

Walter Simonson cover.

December 1982

Comic Reader 207

Dave Cockrum cover, not really an X-Men apperance, but a great Nighcrawler drawing.

March 1984

Comics Feature 28

A nice Paul Smith cover (said to be the cover originaly planned for X-Men 169) with a
Claremont interview on a special all glossy, color page format.

September 1st 1984

Amazing Heroes 54

Terry Austin cover. Part 1 of a two part article detailing the history of the X-Men from 1963-1974.

September 15th 1984

Amazing Heroes 55

Bill Sienkiewicz cover. Part 2 of the most comprehensive article detailing the history of the X-Men from 1975-1984.

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